Johnny depp net worth

Johnny depp

Johnny depp net worth

Birth Place: Owensboro, Kentucky

Date of Birth: June 9, 1963

Height: 1.78m

Net Worth: $400 Million

Marital Status: Divorced

Age: 53 Years Old

Johnny Depp net worth: $400 Million

Johnny Depp net worth of $400 million. His salary can get $20 million per film and annual salary can reach $100 million. Johnny Depp’s many successful films have grossed over $3.1 billion in America and $7.6 billion in the worldwide. He is one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood.


Johnny Depp is a famous American Actor, Producer and Musician. He was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky. He is high 1,78m and weight 71kg. He is the son of a couple Betty Sue – a waitress and John Christopher Depp Senior – an engineer. Depp has one brother – Danny and two sisters – Christie and Debbie. Depp blooded German, Cherokee, Ireland.

Depp’s family moved regularly when he was young and when being 7 years old he has lived in more than twenty different regions in Florida in 1970. In 1978 he was 15 years old, his parents divorced. To escape the psychological stress caused by family problems and lack of confidence, Depp got syndrome self-harming (self-Harm). As a result, he left seven or eight scars on his body. In the interview in 1993, Johnny Depp said that My body is similar to a diary. It is like the tattoo of a sailor when a special event happens in his life and he wants to mark it on his body whether you do it yourself or a tattoo artist makes for him.

Depp’s mother presented him a guitar at the age of twelve years old and he began playing for different bands. One year after his parents’ divorce, Depp left school to join in the rock band. Depp said that two weeks after he came back school but his principal said he should follow up his dreams. He played in the Kids Band (later renamed as Six Gun Method).

Personal Life & Relationships

On December 24, 1983, Johnny Depp got married a makeup artist – Lori Anne Allison. She was greater than Depp 6 years old and an older sister of a member in the band. During the time of living by many different jobs, sometimes worked as advertising pens through the phone.

Depp also made relationships with many other famous stars such as Winona Ryder, Kate Moss .. and lived with French Paradis Vannesa singer for 14 years. In 2012, he said goodbye to Vanessa. In 2013 Depp made relationship with Amber Heard but their romance quickly finished.

After the divorce, Depp continued to make relationship and engaged to Sherilyn Fenn. He also made relationship with Winona Ryder, Jennifer Grey, Tatjana Patitz and Kate Moss. He was very blossomed with beautiful girls.

In 1998, Depp met and made relationship with Vanessa Paradis – a French actress and singer when together producing the film The Ninth Gate. They had two children Lily-Rose daughter Melody Depp in 1999 and the son John “Jack” Christopher Depp III in 2002. Although Depp did not remarry after the first marriage, he said that having children had brought him real foundation – a strong reason to stand stability in his life and work. On June 19, 2012, Depp and Paradis announced to breakup.

Then Johnny Depp got married Amber Heard in February, 2012. They made relationship with each other when acting together in the film of The Rum Diary in 2012 but both of them kept secret in this love. Up to now, they are very happy and always hand in hand in events. Nearly both of them appear on the red carpet at the film festival. Johnny Depp said that He was really happy and lucky when having a beautiful and excellent wife beside him.

Career & Achievements

Johnny Depp played as the main character in a series of television films of Fox channel called 21 Jump Street (1987). He received this role because there were not many job opportunities and he wanted to work together with the actor Frederic Forrest who made many inspiration on him bring. This film’s great success helped Depp become a famous teen idol at the pointed time. But he felt very uncomfortable with this image, he seemed to be stressful in the context of the character. He said that It was a very uncomfortable situation, I can not control it and it is not my characteristic

Then Deep continued to play an important role as the boyfriend of the main character and a victim in the horrible film of A Nightmare on Elm Street. In 1986 he played a small role as a Vietnamese interpreter in the Oliver Stone Platoon Film. He said that this was the first film best suitable with him.

His success developed powerfully widespread with a series of films such as The success of the film began a long process of collaboration Depp and Burton in films like Ed Wood (1994), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Sweeney Todd including The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) and Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Besides, he made a great impression on viewers in the film of Pirates of the Caribbean. He was the Jack Sparrow pirate captain and his performance received a lot of praise. Then he continued to returned Jack Sparrow character in Pirates of the Caribbean part 2 & part 3. With this excellence, the role brought him an Oscar Award for the best actor. In 2004, Depp received an Oscar Nomination with the role of J. M. Barrie Writer in the film of Finding Neverland

The recent role of Johnny Depp is John Dillinger in Public Enemies film of Michael Mann Director. The film is based on the truthful story about life of John Dillinger – a character who lives in the US Great Depression.

In 2010, he turned into a character “Mad Hatter” in Alice in Wonderland film of Disney. This role also made a strong impression on the audience not only by acting but also by very special makeup.

In 2011, he voiced for characters in the cartoon film Rango Lizards. This was the first cartoon film he re-cooperated with the director Gore Verbinski Pirates of “Pirates of the Caribbean” film.

The year of 2012 marked the second collaboration with the director Tim Burton in the film of Dark Shadows. This film was reproduced in a television series from the 1960s. He also appeared as the Cameo in the film reproduced of the series 21 Jump Street.

In 2013, Depp appeared as the character Indian Tonto in The Lone Ranger film in the collaboration with Gore Verbinsi Director and it was released in 2013.

Besides, Johnny Depp was famous for some music products with the role of musician such as Chocolat (2000), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003), Sweeney Todd (2007)


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